Monday, August 15, 2005

On the popularity of Coach Welsh

Virginia papers have published many articles lately about former U.Va. football coach George Welsh, including this one from the Norfolk paper. For a pretty dry character, his popularity is great.

Not that I get carried away with these things, but well I recall the night when they unveiled the bust of the Coach at Scott Stadium, and he was the star of that night's episode of Cavalier Man, and the scene that night brings to mind a snippet from Martin Gilbert's Churchill: A Life, in which Churchill reports on a victory parade reuniting some old regiments from the Boer War, and he wrote that "old friends breaking from the ranks gripped each other's hands and shouted, everyone was carried away, and I waved my feathered hat, and cheered and cheered until I could cheer no longer for joy that I had lived to see the day."

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