Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friday night fight

I have been watching the replay of the moot court argument of Rumsfeld v. Fair on C-SPAN, recorded earlier tonight in the moot court room at my alma mater, with Rodney Smolla arguing for the government and Beth Brinkman and Walter Dellinger arguing for the law schools and a group of professors. As I listened to the arguments, the thought struck me that the respondent's position is unspeakably lame, then the panel of six Supreme Court correspondents (David Savage, Joan Biskupic, Linda Greenhouse, Stuart Taylor, Dahlia Lithwick, Charles Lane) and two professors (Gerhardt and Van Alstyne) came out and voted 8-0 to reverse.

Also, I was entertained by the setting, since I've been in that room and I recognized a few people in the audience, including William Hurd and Judge Felton, with President Nichol there, big as a moose.

It was almost as much fun as a replay of Ali-Frazier.

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