Sunday, September 11, 2005

Should Small Firms Join The ABA?

I've been studying this Legal Marketing Blog post for a while, meaning to forward it to some people, on the topic of whether small-firm lawyers should be members of the American Bar Association.

Some of the same reasoning might apply to the Virginia Bar Association. On the Domestic Relations Law section page, some character lists these "10 reasons" to join the section:

1. The opportunity to network with other Family Law attorneys from around the state.

2. A chance to get regular updates on changes in the law, both statutory and case law.

3. The ability to have your voice heard in the General Assembly through the actions of the VBA Coalition on Family Law Legislation.

4. The chance to earn CLE credit throughout the year by attending seminars with judges participating in panel discussions on a regular basis.

5. All of your other friends are doing it so you should too.

6. It gives you an excuse to get away for the weekend with a possible tax write off for your expenses.

7. An opportunity to receive referrals from fellow family law practitioners.

8. To participate in a statewide exchange of court procedures, standard discovery forms, model orders and other valuable information to help your practice.

9. Live dangerously, run with scissors and join the Section.

10. Live out your dream and be published in the issue of the VBA News Journal that is devoted to Family Law.

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