Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On the passing of my former client Buck the dog

I am informed that my sister's dog Buck was struck by a car and died a few days ago. He was 14, almost as old as our dog Chrissy, older than Joan's younger two children.

When Joan lived in Washington County, a neighboring farmer accused Buck and one of their other dogs of killing a cow. Charges were brought under the county dog ordinance, and I went to "dog court" (the docket for county cases, prosecuted by the county attorney). In theory, the stakes were high - a dog found to have destroyed livestock could be ordered killed or banished from the County.

We settled with the farmer, but I was more than willing to vouch for the sterling character, reputation, and demeanor of Buck, who was just about as likely to kill a cow as I would be.

I have no picture of him, but the image I have is of him walking around Joan's house, and when I asked where he was going, Joan's explanation was something like, "oh, he's afraid there might be some cats in there, so he's going somewhere else."

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