Sunday, December 31, 2006

CNET reports on the recommendations of AG McDonnell's Internet task force

CNET's Anne Broache reports here on recommendations from the report of the task force assembled by Virginia Attorney General Robert McDonnell on online safety for kids. Included is discussion of the recommendations that ISPs keep records longer so that law enforcement can catch online criminals, and the registration of online handles for sex offenders who use the internet.

The full report of the task force is here.

The task force members, by the way, included the following:

Honorable Eileen M. Addison, Comm. Attorney York County and City of Poquoson
Elizabeth Banker, Associate General Counsel, Yahoo!
Dr. Sally K. Boese, Virginia Association of Independent Schools
Kenneth and Mary Alice Booth, Concerned Parents
Elisabeth A. Bresee, Vice President, Capital One
Honorable Mike Brown, Sheriff, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office
John L. Brownlee, United States Attorney, Western District of Virginia
Dr. Billy Cannaday, Jr., Superintendent of Public Instruction, Virginia Department of Education
Michelle Collins, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Charles D. Curran, Chief Counsel, Policy & Regulatory, American Online
Liz Eraker, Policy Analyst, Google, Inc.
Colonel W. Steve Flaherty, Superintendent, Department of State Police
Dianne Florence, President, Virginia PTA
David Foster, Arlington School Board
Anne Gavin, State Government Affairs Regional Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Robert E. Gwaltney, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI Richmond
Honorable Michael N. Herring, Commonwealth’s Attorney City of Richmond
James L. Hilton, Chief Information Officer, University of Virginia
Honorable Janet D. Howell, Senate of Virginia
Honorable Robert Hurt, House of Delegates of Virginia
Virginia James, Cox High School
Bobbie Kilberg, President & CEO, Northern Virginia Technology Council
Rick Lally, President, Hampton Roads Technology Council
Ray LaMura, President, Virginia Cable Telecommunication Association
Rick Lane, Vice President, Government Affairs, News Corporation
Honorable Ryan T. McDougle, Senate of Virginia
Col. Rodney D. Monroe, Chief, Richmond Police Department
Officer Stan Moorefield, C.C.P.S., Virginia Association of School Resource Officers
Honorable Mark D. Obenshain, Senate of Virginia
William A. Pusey, Jr., Concerned Home School Parent
Thomas M. (Tommy) Quigley, Jr., Virginia High School Student
Donna Rice Hughes, Enough is Enough
Chuck Rosenberg, United States Attorney, Eastern District of Virginia
John Ryan, Vice President and Chief Counsel, America Online
Dr. Steve Shelby, West End Presbyterian Church
Honorable Kim Slayton-White, Commonwealth’s Attorney Halifax County
Carter Slough, Virginia High School Student
Robert J. Stolle, Executive Director, Greater Richmond Technology Council
Mr. John Titus, Principal, James River High School
Rosemary Trible, Community Leader
Joel Wiginton, Vice President & Senior Counsel, Government Affairs, Sony

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