Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today's stuff

The Daily Press writes here of the life and times of Newport News lawyer Herbert Kelly.

The Norfolk paper writes here of the former mayor of Suffolk facing disciplinary charges from the Virginia State Bar.

The Lynchburg paper reports here and the Charlottesville paper reports here on candidates for local judgeships. The Daily Progress describes a split between the delegates and the senators. As the Peninsula Law Blog has noted, today is the day when the judges get picked.

The House Appropriations Committee shot down the Senate bills approving additional judgeships for places including Southwest Virginia. Oh well.

In this story from, Del. Kilgore explains that a raise in the minimum wage could be bad for border counties in Southwest Virginia if Tennessee does not similarly change its law.

In this opinion piece, someone from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund declares that the Dillon Rule is folly. Another folly may be the efforts of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund to craft county ordinances in an effort to circumvent, trump, bypass, or overrule Virginia's state laws on biosolids. Their big idea about the non-rights of corporations - a topic on which Professor Bainbridge has some history in this post, including the comments. (Bainbridge is an old Bedford or Amherst County man himself, I believe - maybe he needs to weigh in on these issues more directly.)

The Washington Times wonders here why William & Mary President Nichols allowed a sex worker art exhibit, since that would probably make more people uncomfortable than the display of a cross in a chapel.

The Fredericksburg paper has this update on the McMissile mom, still behind bars, now because of an out-of-state warrant.

The Instapundit says we need to be killing more people, radical mullahs and such, and cites among other things a 1998 proposal from Virginia's own Senator Robb to have Saddam Hussein assassinated.

Here the Roanoke paper profiles "Southwest Virginia's first billionaire."

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