Monday, April 30, 2007

Judge call VSB on information that prosecutor has claims to have information that they acted illegally

This report from the Norfolk paper sounds like a mess.

It begins:

"In a highly unusual move, all nine Circuit Court judges have filed a complaint with the Virginia State Bar against Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant.

The judges have asked the bar to investigate whether Bryant violated State Bar ethical rules during a Republican breakfast at the Beach on Feb. 3.

. . .

According to Harvey, the judges' letter, dated Feb. 7, stated in part: 'During his speech, Mr. Bryant reportedly criticized the Virginia Beach judiciary and made the statement that he was keeping a record of all the 'illegal conduct' of Virginia Beach judges 'until I need it.''

. . .

The complaint has no merit, Bryant said Friday night.

'The judges are taking the word of some unknown person, and I have more than 15 written letters on my behalf,' he said.

The judges checked 'with no one in the party and no one who was actually there,' he said. 'I call on the person or person who told a judge or judges that I used the words ' illegal conduct' to come forward immediately.'"


James Young said...

Wow, it's difficult to believe that any Commonwealth's Attorney would think this, let alone say it.

Anonymous said...

Why is the remark so horrible, if he in fact made it? What ethical rule is broken by asserting that one is collecting a dossier of the wrongdoing of a judge?