Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lawyers miss hearing, assessed costs, because spam filter ate a hearing notice e-mailed from federal court

Via Jim Calloway, this story tells of some lawyers in Colorado who missed a hearing in federal court because they had ratcheted up their spam filter and it started treating the federal court notices as spam.

Calloway says you must white-list the courts no matter what.

The cheapskate that I am, I/we use as our spam filter a program called SpamBayes, which has no white-listing feature, and here's why. The FAQ says in part: "If you really need whitelisting, consider implementing rules in your mailer to intercept the messages before they're passed to SpamBayes." I suppose it would not be too hard to write an Outlook e-mail rule for ECF/CMF messages. Or, we might break down and buy something like InBoxer.

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