Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not easy at the top

I read the article about whether Richmond lawyer Duncan Getchell had something to do with the miscue in the Wintergreen case (where the transcript never got filed), and the article that said A.T. Massey was suing Wyatt Tarrant and McGuireWoods over the Harman Mining case (another case where Mr. Getchell's name is on the published appellate opinion, Wellmore Coal Corp. v. Harman Mining Corp., 264 Va. 279, 568 S.E.2d 671 (2002)), where the notice of appeal was defective because it was signed only by an out-of-state lawyer, and the unpublished opinion (in a case argued by Mr. Getchell) where the Fourth Circuit affirmed the $6 million verdict for an injured soccer player claiming lost lifetime earnings. (Maybe the trial counsel should have called Jim Rome to testify about the worth and the future of soccer.)

So, when you get to be the best, any controversy generates publicity. But, while all that was going on President Bush nominated Mr. Getchell to the Fourth Circuit, so I guess he has had at least some fun in the last couple of months. And, indeed, the Richmonders I've heard say he is a superb lawyer whose nomination ought to be confirmed.

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