Monday, December 17, 2007

Judge Johnston in Beckley

Here the Beckley paper has a profile of S.D. W.Va. Judge, Thomas Johnston, of the youngest in the nation at age 38.

The article says this, among other things:

"The young judge said that he loves nothing better than sinking his teeth into an intriguing and complex legal issue and attempting to resolve a question not easily answered. To that end, he was asked in September to sit and hear oral arguments at a federal appeals court in Virginia.

'Basically, none of them are really easy cases by the time they get there. It’s fascinating. We have some of the best legal minds and legislative minds in Congress who do their best to write the best possible laws to accomplish what they’re supposed to accomplish. In spite of all that effort, human beings keep coming up with ways to come up with situations that don’t exactly fit the law. The law doesn’t exactly apply or wasn’t contemplated by the law. That’s the type of case that I get into that’s really interesting to sort out. We have these facts, and we have this law — how do they apply? That’s an interesting process.'

A self-described 'disciple of Christ,' Johnston lets his faith guide him in as many facets of his life and work as possible. Compassion, kindness and justice — what better traits to emulate for one who asserts that he follows in the footsteps, at work and at home, of the Man from Nazareth?

'I suppose being a follower of Christ is what informs the way I live life, both day to day and long-term. I want to do things to His glory. I try to treat people with kindness and compassion, but this job also involves justice as well. I try to do the best I can to reach just results in the cases I work on and to treat people with kindness.'"

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