Thursday, February 14, 2008

Everything wrong with Bill Clinton in one interview

Here he says all these things:

Bill Clinton dismisses the outcome of the voting in the caucus states, because the caucus participants are "disproportionately favor upper-income voters who, who, don't really need a president but feel like they need a change." I don't even know what that means, but it sounds like hypocrisy if the same standard of "disproportionateness" is not applied to the super-delegates or even more broadly to the unfairly selected delegates from Florida and Michigan.

Bill Clinton claims that Hillary Clinton has been the underdog since the Iowa caucuses because of the opposition of "a lot of the politicians, like Senator Kennedy" and because lack of funds, all in spite of which she managed to get "plenty of delegates on a shoestring." But Hillary Clinton has more politicians, including Bill Clinton himself, and thus she leads in the super-delegate count. The "shoestring budget" was more money than any other candidate but Obama ever had to spend, and two or three times what federal funding would have provided.

On the MSNBC reporter who was suspended for what he said about Chelsea Clinton, Clinton said that if the reporter had "made a racial slur against Senator Obama, he would have been fired." Lots of people think Clinton himself made a racial slur by comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson instead of to John Edwards, when trying to make a point about recent campaigns that won in South Carolina but later came to naught. Or, maybe Bill Clinton is just stuck in the '80s.

On Ms. Clinton's protest over what was said about Chelsea Clinton, which included her threat to pull out of a debate on MSNBC, Clinton said that Ms. Clinton "just stuck up for her daughter, and for girls everywhere, and women everywhere, and it’s about time somebody did after a lot of the rhetoric we’ve been through in this election." I had understood that Clinton himself was a menace to girls and women everywhere. I mean, it can't be a coincidence that my good friend the old Democrat from over in Norton made sure to take his new wife out of the country, during the very same week that Bill Clinton was on the loose in Southwest Virginia.

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