Monday, November 07, 2011

What has changed in pest control since 1989?

The Virginia Supreme Court would seem to have gotten it wrong in one of its two decisions dealing with the non-compete clause used by a pest control company, having reached the opposite conclusion in 2011 from what it held in 1989.

Justice McClanahan, in her dissent, observed that such a fundamental shift in so short a time is an offense against the Rule of Law.

I recall having an oral argument before the late Judge Richard Williams of the Eastern District some years ago, in my only (and somewhat terrifying) appearance before him, and when he asked me about some old precedent that I tried to dismiss as too old, he laughed and said, "so you're saying the Age of Enlightenment set in sometime after that decision, and you know better now than the Supreme Court did back then?"

The Home Paramount firm, the employer in both cases, has branched out beyond termites and will also take care of those stinkbugs, according to their website.

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