Thursday, December 29, 2011

More on the Virginia Republican primary ballot

Here is a link to the memorandum filed on behalf of the Rick Perry campaign in support of its motion for a temporary injunction against the application of the requirements of Va. Code 24.2-545 that would keep Perry off the primary ballot in Virginia.

Rick Hasen had this preliminary take on the litigation, the gist of which is that it was filed too late.

Discussion of the desirability or feasibility of changing the Virginia statutes to let other candidates on the ballot or to be "write-in" candidates through legislation in the upcoming session of the General Assembly can be read here in the Christian Science Monitor, here in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, this commentary from the Richmond paper, this article says both Patrick McSweeney and Paul Goldman are on board to get the laws changed, and this commentary by Goldman (on Fox!) states his views.

On the political ramifications, this article says it will cost Gingrich votes in other states, this opinion says the disorganized do not deserve to win, and this article from Utah has Mitt Romney's take, which is that the disorganization of the Gingrich campaign makes it look like Lucy and Ethel trying to wrap chocolates on an assembly line in this famous episode.

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