Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Not quite the coming of Elizabeth Taylor, but still a big deal

In Adriana Trigiani's novel Big Stone Gap, she combines fact and fiction to retell the events of Elizabeth Taylor's infamous visit to Big Stone Gap during the first Senate campaign of her then husband John Warner, a visit cut short when Ms. Taylor nearly choked on a chicken bone. In the novel, a middle-aged Wise County woman looks at the middle-aged Ms. Taylor and says something like, "all my life I wanted to look like her, and now I do." In real life, one witness to these happenings was a lawyer named Brad Cavedo, now a Circuit Court judge in Richmond, whose name is in the acknowledgements section of "Big Stone Gap."

Ms. Trigiani herself will be back in Wise County over the weekend for Drama Days, as reported here in the Coalfield Progress, perhaps after signing a few books, she'll head over to Stringers for some fried chicken.

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