Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fellow wingnut on Martin

This take on the Virginia Supreme Court's Martin case is even nuttier than mine.

I just wanted the Virginia Supreme Court to give the issue more consideration, because there will be other issues where Lawrence is used to argue this, that, or the other thing. What would the Virginia Supreme Court do with the Goodrich case? Even if Martin provides no clue, the proponents of a no same-sex marriage amendment to the Virginia constitution will use the Martin decision as fuel for their movement, the argument being, they can't count on the Virginia Supreme Court after the way it just threw up its hands before the task of examining another Virginia statute under Lawrence, or so I would guess.

As I read in the paper the other day in a quote attributed to Professor Sabato, mobilization begets mobilization. A court throws out a law, somebody gets energized to change the law, which energizes another bunch to oppose them.

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