Saturday, January 07, 2006

From the bill bin

Senator Chichester proposes that all punitive damages go to the state Literary Fund, SB 68.

Delegate Suit proposes a definition of "public use," HB 94.

Delegate Marshall would ban state and local government from denying access to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, HB 203.

Delegate Cosgrove would allow the Commonwealth to appeal from a general district court ruling that a statute is unconstitutional, HB 99.

Delegate Albo would eliminate caps on court-appointed counsel fees, HB 313.

Delegate Lingamfelter proposes a resolution urging eight-year terms, instead of life tenure, for federal district and circuit court judges, HJ 28.

Delegate Shannon wants to add a new crime for battery against a sports official, HB 243.

Delegate Carrico wants to criminalize cursing and abusing emergency personnel, HB 371.

Delegate Kilgore wants court-appointed counsel to be paid only if they get those timesheets in before 10 days after trial, HB 127.

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