Sunday, January 01, 2006

On the Music City Bowl

I've gone to the five of the last few bowl games in which Virginia played, all of them within reasonable driving distance of Southwest Virginia - the last two in Atlanta, the two in Charlotte, and Friday's game in Nashville.

Nashville, surprisingly or not, is a good place for a bowl game - there was lots going on Thursday night near the downtown hotels, and then the stadium was an easy walk across the river on Friday. Inside, the stadium was not much different than the other NFL stadiums I've seen - and the football food was cheaper and better than some I've had. Since the weather cooperated, and the right team won the game, it was a great trip.

I was feeling so fine afterwards, the next day, I went and bought a new car. The color is "Golden Beige," of which Dad said, "it looks more like mud than my car."

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