Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Secret perks at my firm

The rumor is true that we've trying to hire lawyer no. 7, and the occasion has caused me to reflect upon the perquisites of employment in this office which may not be generally known:

1. Frozen food and bread delivery. The Schwan's man and the Bread Lady both deliver here. (I used to buy the cinnamon raisin bread and eat it sort of like a watermelon, since I was not allowed to take any home.) In the interest of fairness, I should say that the frozen food deliveries are not a perk for me personally, since the freezer is in the closet next to my office at the back of the building.

2. In-house sauna (winter only, not counting Mondays after power outages). We have a nice room where the temperature often approaches 85 degrees. I spend most of my time there, since it is my office (and my thermostat).

3. Rock City Jr. From our office, you can see into two different states.

4. Wildlife. Over the years, a series of robins (can it be just one?) have tried to pick a fight with their own reflections in the back door and the side windows. Sometimes, sitting at my desk, I see a bird flying toward me, determined to kick the butt of that nasty bird he sees in my window.

5. Free parking for both Food City Race night and the Rhythm and Roots Reunion. At least twice a year, thousands would like to take my parking space.

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