Sunday, April 01, 2007

On labor unrest in the coalfields

This article titled "Rank-and-File Rebellions in the Coalfields, 1964-80" describes UMWA strikes during the referenced period.

One of the sub-headings is "The 1989 Pittston Strike Brings Victory." As I've written elsewhere, the victory was rather short-lived. The article also applauds the takeover of the Moss 3 plant, about which I've written here.


badrose said...

Wasn't this the strike where the coal operators/miners decided to block the entrance with their cars and the State Police responded by pushing their cars (mostly Cadillacs and Lincolns but one or two Benz's for good measure) over the hill with a bulldozer? Have you ever seen a picture of that? If not, I'll see if I can get one.

Steve Minor said...

Which? Send it.