Sunday, April 01, 2007

On the smoking ban

The Bristol paper weighs in that Southwest Virginia legislators should go along with Governor Kaine's maneuver to inject a statewide ban on smoking in restaurants.

I don't have much to say about smokers or non-smokers, but I have no tolerance for the whining and complaining on this issue, which surely represents a massive public health risk in and of itself, particularly to those of us who have to listen to it, the victims of second-hand griping. I would be satisfied if instead of the governor's proposal, a new law was passed that outlawed complaining in public about where smoking is and is not allowed. The complainers would be required to eat take-out and drink their whiskey back at the house, where they could smoke or not smoke and complain as much as they like, with no harm to restaurant employees or other non-gripers.


Anonymous said...

A first. Congratulations on carrying complaint to a new level. Damned if you aren't complaining about complainers who complain about complainers.

Anonymous said...

Have I got this straight? You're complaining about complaints about complaints.

You're a comedian, right?