Sunday, September 09, 2007

On the new Fourth Circuit nominees

President Bush has announced the nominations of E. Duncan Getchell, Jr., of McGuire Woods and Steve Matthews of Charleston to the Fourth Circuit.

ACS Blog links here to comments by Senator Warner in the Norfolk paper and in a press release from Senator Webb, to the effect that the White House will deserve what it gets for not picking someone from the list tendered by Warner and Webb.

The Richmond paper has this report, titled "White House defends nominee for 4th Circuit: Neither Warner, Webb recommended Getchell in bipartisan judge picks." This article says Senator Webb's office was likely to stop the Getchell nomination from getting anywhere.

The Washington Post had this report. Paul Fletcher had this post. Sean Andrussier had posts here and here.

If the White House had acted months (or years) ago, these nominees would have made it without any problem. But then, this is the same bunch that thought the Harriet Miers nomination really was a good idea, or so says Jan Crawford Greenburg.

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