Monday, September 10, 2007

What the RedStaters are saying

Here (with 50+ comments) and here are posts at ConfirmThem on the nominations of Getchell and Matthews.

One commenter says:

"Why did Bush needlessly nominate someone not on the Warner/Webb approved list? Such foolishness! As we have already discussed, without Graham's support, Matthews is dead on arrival. Now Gretchell is dead on arrival. Oh, by the way, Conrad from North Carolina is also dead on arrival. As I have said before, maybe Bush is trying to generate an election issue in 2008. He must know perfectly well that Conrad, Gretchell and Matthews are nonconfirmable - all are very conservative white Southern males and we all know that the Dems hate those types! My only hope is that these Fourth Circuit three will make Keisler look like a liberal in the Dems' eyes and encourage his confirmation as a compromise."

Another says:

"This is just crazy. Why in the name of our sweet savior didn't Bush nominate Getchell a year ago? Either insanity, incompetence on an historic level or deliberate malfeasance."

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