Monday, November 05, 2007


a story from the Norfolk paper on the plethysmograph case, out of Tazewell. It quotes Steve Emmert, who wonders, how will Judge Vanover forget the bad evidence on remand? The case is Billups v. Com., an opinion by Senior Justice Russell, reversing the Court of Appeals. Justice Kinser wrote a separate concurring opinion, joined by Justice Agee. My post about the panel decision of the Court of Appeals is here.

Here's a story from the Lynchburg paper on the DUI case, which says you can't be under the influence of drugs if they weren't "self-administered." The case is Jackson v. Com., an opinion by Chief Justice Hassell, reversing the Court of Appeals..

Mr. Gibson at the Charlottesville paper had this piece on why using bad drivers as a fund-raising tool is bad policy. Here's the full research report. The Media General story was published in the Bristol paper next to an article about how Sheriff Newman in Washington County uses bad drivers as a fund-raising tool - but the paper endorsed him anyway.

This story from the Roanoke paper says a writ panel declined the petition for appeal of MeadWestvaco in a $7 million suit against Buena Vista.

Here's a great profile of a former mayor and state court judge from Alexandria, who decided after he got married at age 76 that he should have tried it sooner.

an opinion from the D.S.C. that says a blogger is not liable for calling someone a "yes man", but the yes man's lawyer is liable to the blogger for filing a bogus lis pendens on his real property.

This article
from the Fredericksburg paper says a panel of the court of appeals is going to have a session there, while this article says the court of appeals affirmed the conviction in a pit bull case. The pit bull case is Large v. Com.

Here's a funky story on the mud in the Wise County clerk's race.

Here's somebody's alternative take on the Judge Shull case.

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