Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A few election notes

Among the races I noticed:

Ex-mayor of Roanoke Ralph Smith got into the Senate.
VBA Board member Robert Hurt got into the Senate.
Bill Carrico and Anne B. Crockett-Stark stayed in the House.
Poindexter beat Ferguson, in that wacky race.
Neo beat Tolliver for Commonwealth's Attorney, as Buchanan County entered the Matrix.
The incumbent Short beat the challenger Short for Commonwealth's Attorney in Dickenson County.
In Lee County, everyone who testified for the plaintiffs in the Chadwell and Laster (not Lester) trial lost - D.J. Barker, Pete Sumpter, Robin Robbins - but Bill Willis and Ty Harber got back in, and John Marion was re-elected, so three-fifths of the 2000 school board will be reunited in 2008.
The clerks of court in Russell County and Montgomery County got voted out.
Sheriff Broadwater got voted out in Scott County.
Here in Washington County, Mark Graham lost to Tricia Phipps by a wide margin in the race for clerk of court.
In Wise County, only one D. Mullins was elected, and Rocky Cantrell did not get in for School Board.

The most provocative result was for Dickenson County School Board - William A. "Bill" Patton 496, Write-in 496.

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