Monday, May 05, 2008

He said it

"When Justice Agee is confirmed as a federal circuit judge, the Fourth Circuit will have fewer vacancies than at the end of the Clinton administration."

Sen. Patrick Leahy, on the occasion of last week's Judiciary Committee hearing for Justice Agee's nomination to the Fourth Circuit. His comments are taken to mean that Justice Agee will be confirmed this month, as suggested here and here, even though he will be cutting line ahead of others less fortunate.

With Justice Agee's apparent success in Washington, behind him begins the speculation over his successor, such as this piece by Jeff Shapiro, which says that maybe there can be a big political deal involving Agee's seat on the Supreme Court and the vacancy on the State Corporation Commission - the one that would have been filled already, says Shapiro, but for internecine bickering among the Republicans.

And, this committee may have to meet, which is excellent, because I enjoy listening to lawyers like Glenn Pulley and Taz Ellett, every chance I get.

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