Friday, May 09, 2008

Wow, President Bush nominates SW Virginia's own Judge Conrad for Fourth Circuit

It is reported here and elsewhere that President Bush has nominated Judge Glen Conrad of the W.D. Va. to a vacancy on the Fourth Circuit.

The article says in part:

"The White House announced Thursday that Bush had nominated Glen E. Conrad to the Richmond, Va.-based appeals court, which has handled some of the country's biggest terrorism cases.

Conrad has been a judge on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia since 2003.

If confirmed by the Senate, Conrad would fill the seat of H. Emory Widener Jr., who died last year."

The Roanoke paper has this story, which notes: "With the Conrad nomination, the president has five nominees pending for the five vacant seats on the 4th Circuit."

As noted here, "There are now two Conrad nominations pending for the Fourth Circuit, the other being that of Judge Robert Conrad." As reported here, Judge G. Conrad has been approved by Senator Webb, and so his nomination might proceed apace in the manner of Justice Agee.

One of the Confirm Them commenters notes: "The confirmations of Agee and G. Conrad, though, will likely doom the nominations of R. Conrad and Matthews."

I wonder if this news has Magistrate Judges Urbanski and Sargent maybe snapping their fingers and shuffling their feet.

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