Friday, July 29, 2005

On racism, schools, and SUVs

I've posted a couple of comments to the effect that I think the claim that candidate Kilgore's comments about "good students" not being admitted to Virginia schools does not seem to have anything to do with race, but that's just my opinion. (I would link to them, but they're on Waldo's site, which is only live about half the time.) The odd part is the claim that they are good students from Northern Virginia. I always though the complaint around here was that the high achievers in the lower performing rural schools could not get into to William & Mary or U.Va. while 25 kids from one Northern Virginia school did, or 15 kids from some prep schools in New Jersey did. That may be a different form of prejudice, but not precisely about race.

On the other hand, I certainly agree with this post, which suggests that GM's advertising is not subtle in pointing out that among the intended beneficiaries of the company's latest pricing gambit are would-be buyers other than white males, who don't have to dicker with white male car salesman to get the benefit of the program.

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