Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Remote Area Medical event at Wise

Here is the story in today's Bristol paper, with the headline, "Too Many to Treat." The story says: "Friday’s numbers puts RAM on track to top its record-breaking visit to Wise last year, when 6,000 uninsured, unemployed or underinsured made the clinic the largest in the nation. It even topped some international records for most patients treated in a single day."

Here are recorded the impressions of the Tim Kaine campaign staffers who attended the RAM event.

This article in the Coalfield Progress said: "A record 140 physicians, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, radiologists and other employees of the University of Virginia will staff the RAM event and offer medical services to an anticipated 6,000 patients, according to the UVa Health System."

Here is the link for the Remote Area Medical Foundation, based in Knoxville.

Here is a pile of information from Southwest Virginia GMEC of U.Va.-Wise about the state of the population and the health care business in far SW Virginia.

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