Saturday, July 30, 2005

Those stupid signs on the interstate

It says in the Kingsport paper: VDOT hails smart traffic technology after I-81 closure.

I rode to Roanoke earlier this week and marveled once again at why are there more lanes on Interstate 81 at Bristol than at Salem-Roanoke, and why is Exit 118 so ugly, and will all of Interstate 81 have those canyon walls one of these days. Also, I've been listening to debate on the radio about exactly who is to blame for the lack of progress on the Coalfields Expressway.

The lack of animated traffic control signs was not at the top of my list of grievances against VDOT. I suspect that the new signs are yet another experimental gimmick for which the Commonwealth (and/or the federal government?) has overpaid, like this one.

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